Tracking the Munga 2017 with Wealthport

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The Munga is not your average bicycle event. It’s a crazy, single stage mountain bike race across some of the toughest terrain south of the equator. A 1000 kilometre rush from Bloemfontein to Wellington in the middle of the South African summer.

The Munga was created in 2014 by adventurer Alex Harris. The dream was always to create a race with a huge reward, and this it still the ultimate goal. The first Munga took place in December 2015 and was a massive success.

Since the inaugural race, the Munga has grown from strength to strength. New sponsors have joined the team, new riders have completed (and not completed) the mad journey.
The Basics

The Munga runs over a little more than 1000 kilometres. There are 5 race villages where riders can rest, eat and get mechanical assistance. There are also a number of water points placed between 50 and 60 kilometres apart. The race is semi-supported meaning that riders will be provided with support from race officials and at race villages, but will not be permitted to have support along the route. Everything a rider needs must be taken along, or bought along the way. Everything needed must be carried on the bike.